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The Latest on the strong earthquake that hit Mexico City (all times local):4:30 p.m.A spokesman for Puebla's interior department says that 11 people have died so far in

This past week the 70th anniversary of the CIA passed without much fanfare, strikingly in-line with the clandestine nature of the agency.However at a time when our intelligence

Senate Republicans are moving quickly to assure houses of worship can routinely receive federal disaster aid as hurricane-battered Texas and Florida struggle to recover.Four Senate Republicans, including

The shout-down that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi encountered Monday at a San Francisco town hall from ‘Dreamer’ advocates is just the latest example of the backlash Democrats

Merriam-Webster added 250 new words and definitions to its online dictionary on Tuesday, including political terms such as "alt-right," "troll" and "open carry."The 186-year-old dictionary company defines "alt-right" as

The Trump administration will make key ObamaCare payments to insurers in September, though a final decision hasn’t been made about future payments, a White House spokesman said Tuesday.Insurers

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It may be possible to get paid to care for a relative. Paid caregiving depends on what state you live

Authored by Raul Ilargi Meijer via The Automatic Earth blog, A few days ago, former Reagan Budget Director and -apparently- permabear

Right now, people are betting on how many hard-boiled eggs this market can eat in an hour. The “smart money”

If you're worried about outliving your savings (and who isn't?), a lifetime of guaranteed payments could ease your mind.

The earnings season is starting off on the back foot for global trade as moments ago, the company considered the

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 Something weird is going on over at Amazon. It seems the online retail giant is randomly telling some customers about

 The app formerly known as Vigilante isn’t going away. Today at TechCrunch Disrupt SF, the crime tracker now known as

A key Senate committee chairman urged internet companies to reach a deal on legislation to combat online sex trafficking, pressuring

A new generation of virtual-reality games for the gym aims to get users’ heart rates up with tennis and boxing,