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For any American who believes the U.S. government needs a rapid infusion of smart business sense (and there are many of us), they should have some peace of

Trevor Noah on Wednesday said it was "karma" that Republicans lost in elections across the country."You know who really won big in last night's elections?" Noah asked during

With questions raised in a recent report about the Ventura County Resource Conservation District's financial sustainability, Ventura County will not be making its annual $38,000 contribution to the

La Nina, the cool flip side to El Nino, is returning for a second straight winter, forecasters said Thursday.The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said a weak La

BEIJING –  Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told reporters Thursday in Beijing that President Trump will likely meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in some capacity – possibly even

There is no way to sugarcoat what happened in Virginia on Tuesday night. Ed Gillespie’s 54-45 loss to dippy Democrat Ralph Northam was an injury — particularly coming

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On September 8, 2014, Adam Steele filed a class action suit against the federal government seeking to recover allegedly unlawful

This year is turning out to be a show-stopper in many respects: sports or economics or politics or weather, and

One crucial task of the agile trader is keeping up with market-moving news. One little event anywhere in the world

Blain's Morning Porridge, Nov 9th 2017, By Bill Blain of Mint Partners The UK vs Europe, the best comedy show ever! “Hold

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Ways and Means Committee ranking member Richard Neal (D-Mass.) said it appears that Republicans are preparing a "substantial change" to

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 UberEATS, Uber’s standalone app for on-demand food delivery, has added in-app restaurant reviews in order to help people make more

 WeLab, an financial tech startup that operates online lending platforms in Hong Kong and China, has raised $220 million in

An 81-year-old woman who was lost in a North Carolina cornfield on Sunday was found in less than 30 minutes