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The Department of Justice (DOJ) and White House press secretary Jen Psaki are doing damage control after President Biden told reporters Friday evening that anyone who defies a

President Biden on Saturday paid tribute to America's fallen police officers, telling families that their loss is also America’s loss, speaking at the 40th Annual National Peace Officers’

Today’s generals fail upward, having stood by while the Afghan catastrophe they were certain would come to pass did just that; our veep sails on, seemingly oblivious to

On Friday morning, U.S. Capitol Police arrested a 25-year-old woman who was brandishing a bat. During the altercation with police, the young woman allegedly bit one of the

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Facial Recognition Apps For Home Quarantine A "Privacy Disaster": Report

Huge Dock Worker Protests In Italy, Fears Of Disruption, As Covid 'Green Pass' Takes Effect

When investors think about investing in quality, they often think of it as a factor, but it is much more

Here I present AAII’s strategy that explores stocks with low share prices relative to their book value to see if

The United States will lift border restrictions for fully vaccinated international travelers beginning Nov. 8, according to the White House.The

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Today is Friday. Welcome to Hillicon Valley, detailing all you need to know about tech and cyber news from Capitol

Today is Thursday. Welcome to Hillicon Valley, detailing all you need to know about tech and cyber news from Capitol

Microsoft announced on Thursday that it would discontinue LinkedIn in China amid increased censorship."We’re also facing a significantly more challenging

It happens. The longer we keep our devices, the more cluttered they become.Open your phone's app tray for a great

Your phone’s photo library is good for more than just selfies and pictures of food for Instagram. Most of us have