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The conservative House Freedom Caucus urged Republicans on Tuesday to oppose the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) because of an amendment in the bill that requires women

Amid a massive Haitian migrant wave that saw more than 14,000 migrants camped under a bridge at one point last week, the United Nations is demanding an end

Morning at my fabulous apartment at the Watergate. It’s foggy outside. But inside it’s glorious. I’ll be selling it soon. I almost never use it. The maintenance fees

About a decade ago, I had a visit from the FBI. It was about something I’d written that the Democrat Party’s political elite didn’t like. The current attorney general

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Inflation Is Killing The Recovery Authored by Daniel Lacalle, This

FOMC To Provide "Advance Notice" For November Tapering; May Deliver Two Potential Hawkish Surprises

Ever wonder how wealthy people get wealthy? They start somewhere. There’s a powerful quote by businessman and motivational speaker, Nido

Stocks on Tuesday attempted to claw back some losses from Monday’s bloodbath. On Monday, the Dow Jones tanked 614 points,

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