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EXCLUSIVE: The Trump campaign resumed airing national ads on Monday with what officials called a "smarter, more strategic" approach focused on early voting states, after hitting pause in order to

President Trump, in a recent memo, asked executive departments to report back by early August on how they can develop a U.S. "fleet" of icebreaking ships to navigate the frozen Arctic

Last week the Beijing puppet government of Hong Kong’s chief executive Carrie Lam postponed parliamentary elections for a year supposedly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Chinese police continue

The Trump administration announced on Tuesday that it is releasing an inspector general report on the whistleblower complaint that is at the center of Democrats' push to impeach

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“I think we shall have to choose in the next few weeks between war and shame, and I have very little

getty Many Americans need another financial boost to help them bounce back from the

The stock market closed out an up-and-down week with another very clear separation of the haves and have-lesses.Big Tech ruled

Below is a weekly earnings calendar of the most important upcoming quarterly reports schedule to be released by publicly traded

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