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President Trump can’t seem to stop himself from popping off on trade, but can he at least do a little homework? The German newspaper Der Spiegel reported this

As California liberals go, the Democratic Party often follows. So it’s instructive, if not surprising, that Golden State Democrats are responding to the failure of ObamaCare by embracing

Sen. Tim Kaine's youngest son was one of eight people charged in Minnesota Friday in relation to their alleged disruption of a rally supporting President Trump.Linwood Kaine, 24, was

Republicans, dont buckle when Democrats scream that you are invoking the nuclear option by eradicating the filibuster. Its not the nuclear option. Its the constitutional option.

Former House Speaker John Boehner says that aside from international affairs and foreign policy, President Donald Trump's time in office has so far been a "complete disaster."Speaking at

Liberals and their “conservative” enablers — many of them never-Trumpers — would have us believe that Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s speech in defense of his removal of Confederate statues

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Opportunities abound today for older adults to get up, get out and meet up. And whatever activity you choose, the

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Inc. (and of a half dozen other companies) made headlines this week with a prediction

If you want to make your first meeting more meaningful, come prepared. Here's where to start.

Throughout history, people have turned to works of literature for guidance, entertainment, and education. Modern businesses aim to tell stories

The House is slated to vote on a Republican bill in June that would roll back parts of the Dodd-Frank

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You may already trust algorithms more than you realize, like watching movies suggested for you or making purchases based on

 LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman announced today that he’s making a big bet on Change.org, the site for social justice petitions.

Facebook’s CEO, who delivered a commencement address, joins a growing roster of degree-less entrepreneurs and entertainers doing the honors. ‘I

The leaders of the seven world powers on Friday called for technology companies to do a better job policing extremist

The debut flight of Rocket Lab's miniature satellite launcher wasn't perfect, but the company is confident enough to proceed with

Scientists may have finally worked out how dinosaurs evolved into birds.Experts have isolated a genetic sequence which they believe was