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It's not a popular thing to defend Paul Manafort, the international influence peddler who ran Donald Trump's presidential campaign for a short time in 2016. Just search for

At the Mattaponi Indian Reservation in West Point, Virginia. Photo:

February 16, 2018, 5:57 pmMcDonald’s plans to phase out cheeseburgers from Happy Meals by 2022.The fast-food kings look to provide a smaller serving of fries and include a

Mark Kelly on gun control effortsThe retired NASA astronaut became a leader in preventing gun violence after his wife Gabby Giffords was severely injured by a deranged shooter

It is hard for a great many people — and understandably so — to avoid thinking of “guns” instantly when we hear of a school shooting or other

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The dominant cryptocurrency marketplace charged users duplicative fees for previous purchases on Thursday, emptying and over-drafting users' bank accounts.Users of Coinbase,

Wipfli in Rockford, Ill., tells us how to do it: Using a budget is a key component in driving your

Authored by Chris Hamilton via Econimica blog, The US federal debt has again been on the move, as of mid-week up

Tweet ThisRawpixel.comAs we celebrate Black History Month, we can take pride in the progress we’ve made while also acknowledging how

You have to hand it to the U.S. Congress. Where else, in the middle of the night, with the government

The wisdom that comes with experience is worth sharing with your grandchildren, but you have to be smart how you

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 The Gillmor Gang — Keith Teare, Esteban Kolsky, Denis Pombriant, and Steve Gillmor. Recorded live Friday, February 16, 2018. The

 When black employee resource groups from a variety of tech companies come together, black magic happens. More specifically, black excellence

Google's decision to fire a programmer who wrote a controversial memo on diversity did not violate the law, a lawyer

In the latest sign of the escalating battle for talent in Hollywood, Netflix signed producer Ryan Murphy to a multiyear