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Ohio certified its election results Friday, giving the state's 18 electoral votes to President Trump. Trump won the popular vote in the state by 8.03 percentage points -- 3,154,834 votes to President-elect

President-elect Joe Biden picked up 132 more votes after an election recount in Milwaukee County, among the two places in Wisconsin that President Trump spent $3 million to

The Palestinian Authority (PA) seems to have no shortage of funds to pay terrorists in Israeli jails and the families of suicide bombers. In 2019, the PA distributed

“It’s only money.” When you book a non-refundable boat rental to go fishing — and then the forecasted “sunny day” turns into torrential thunderstorms, these are the words your

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Black Friday approaches! In a year where asking Alexa what day today is feels totally normal, this Black Friday seems

France’s finance ministry has sent out notices to tech companies asking that they pay a new digital service tax next

The Pentagon is looking to engineer self-guiding hypersonic weapons with emerging levels of autonomy to quickly adjust course in flight

Switzerland, perhaps known as among the calmest or least turbulent nations in recent geopolitical history, may acquire as many as