Another Day, Another Disappointment | The Editors (Ep. 456)

8/2/22: Today on The Editors, Rich, Alexandra, Jim, and Dan discuss their disappointment in Joe Manchin, various important primaries around the country, Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan, and much more.

Editors’ Picks:

Rich: Jerry Hendrix’s magazine piece “The Navy’s Littoral Hubris,“
Alexandra: John McCormack’s piece “American Abortion Laws Do Not Require Delaying Treatment for a Mother’s Life-Threatening Condition,“
Jim: Jimmy Quinn’s coverage of Pelosi’s Taiwan trip,
Dan: Isaac Schorr’s piece “Biden Administration Declares ‘Open Season’ on Religious Hospitals That Object to Gender Transitions,“

Light Items:

Rich: Showing up too early for a train at Union Station
Alexandra: A garden update
Jim: Assateague ponies
Dan: Everything Everywhere All at Once was terrible

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