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Disney stock looks like a promising buy on the back of Star Wars success, blockbuster deal to fold in Fox's entertainment assets.Traders, investors and Star Wars fans alike must be thrilled with Walt Disney Co (DIS, $110.57) these days. As well they should.In successive days, Disney announced a deal to acquire a large part of 21st Century Fox (FOXA) and debuted the latest installment of the Star Wars saga in a wide release. Whether Star

You've already done the hard work to stash away a nice nest egg for retirement. Don't blow it now. Here are four common missteps that people entering retirement should avoid.There actually are people out there diligently saving for retirement. SEE ALSO: A 10-Stock DRIP Portfolio to Get Rich SlowlyYes, you read that correctly. It may not seem like it, given the media’s constant focus on Baby Boomers’ shaky financial future. But there are pre-retirees who