Exodus with Jordan Peterson | Official Trailer

In this series, Dr. Jordan B. Peterson engages in a round table discussion with six other scholars to read Exodus and discuss what it means, and why it remains significant thousands of years after it was written.

Available Friday only on DailyWire+: https://bit.ly/3XhWnHw

Scholars at the table are Dr. Douglas Hedley (Professor of the Philosophy of Religion, Cambridge University), Dr. Os Guinness (English Author and Social Critic), Dr. James Orr (Assistant Professor of Philosophy of Religion, Cambridge), Dennis Prager (author of the Rational Bible Series, Co-Founder of PragerU), Dr. Stephen Blackwood (President of Ralston College), Gregg Hurwitz (novelist, screenwriter, and comic book creator), and Jonathan Pageau (Christian thinker and artist).

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