Father Robert Sirico | No Free Lunch with David Bahnsen

David L. Bahnsen and Father Sirico discuss the philosophical and theological foundations of American free enterprise.

Father Robert Sirico is a Priest, Author, and the Cofounder and President of the Acton Institute.
The assault against free-market capitalism is gaining momentum, and a new wave of collectivist economic thinking is on the rise. As the progressive Left tightens its stranglehold on American institutions, corporations, and culture, conservatives must fight to preserve economic freedom and prosperity.

The challenge is how to fight. Right-leaning defenses of capitalism centered around market efficiency often leave out the powerful moral case for free enterprise. Yet by beginning the economic debate with an exploration of liberty, virtue, and human flourishing, conservatives can successfully counter the utopian promises of progressivism that lead only to disaster.

In this compelling six-part video series, available exclusively on National Review, renowned wealth advisor and NRI Trustee David Bahnsen takes the conversation back to “first principles,” defending the ethical foundation of the American economic system.

Listen to the Bahnsen Capital Record podcast: https://www.nationalreview.com/podcasts/capital-record/

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