Hillary’s ‘Future Is Female’ Femme-A-Goguery

All that was missing from Hillary Clinton’s video address to a left-wing women’s group this week was a pink pussyhat and a “BOYS SUCK” T-shirt.

Feminists at the MAKERS conference in Southern California gushed over the twice-failed presidential candidate’s remarks, which exhorted her ideological sisters-in-arms to “be bold,” “step up and speak out,” and “set an example for every woman and girl out there who’s worried about what the future holds and wonders whether our rights, opportunities and values will endure.”

(The alleged sexual assault victims of Bill Clinton who have stepped up and spoken boldly, however, did not get a shoutout.)

On its face, Hillary’s statement seems like standard-issue, gender-centric cheerleading. But her declaration that “The Future is Female” is a dog whistle to the most extreme wing of the progressive feminist movement — where an explicitly anti-male, grievance-wallowing, lady parts-obsessed culture prevails. A “female future,” after all, necessitates that inherently bad boys take a political backseat and yield all their authority to Grrrrl Power.

“The Future is Female” became a popular T-shirt motto in the 1970s, when a “queer feminist” bookstore owner in New York City snapped a photo of her girlfriend donning the slogan. Another feminist retailer, Otherwild, started marketing the apparel recently in a “call for the end of patriarchal ideology, domination, oppression and violence.” A quarter of the proceeds from sales of Otherwild’s “Future is Female” wear goes to Planned Parenthood.

Yes, the “Future is Female” propagandists are funding an abortion giant that has exterminated the futures of millions of unborn females in the U.S. and around the world.

Among the new femme-a-gogues fortunate enough to have avoided Planned Parenthood’s fatal forceps is patriarchy-smasher Kiran Gandhi. The Georgetown University and Harvard University School of Business grad is a musician who wears the T-shirt and whose companion song, “The Future is Female,” is an ear-warping anthem for the fist-clenchers.

“Toxic masculinity has to end,” she sing-raps. Feminist Superfund to the rescue!

“The system must make room for all that we do,” Gandhi demands. “We’ve been bleeding each month till we gave birth to you!”

Egad. What is it with these women and their fixation on menstrual cycles? Gandhi found fame while running the London Marathon in 2015 as she let her period flow down her athletic pants for 26 miles. As she and her stained self crossed the finish line, feminists praised her “courage” and “resilience” for running without a tampon. Get her a Nobel Prize.

Admirers at People magazine dubbed her the “Period Runner.” One feminist blog called her a “menstrual hero.” Gandhi later explained her role as an “ambassador” raising awareness of “menstrual health and hygiene” so that “instead of seeing it as a taboo, we should seek ways to design systems that make it easier for women to be comfortable during our cycles.”

Pushback against “period shaming” has become such a thing among privileged feminist elites that these gender justice warriors vandalized buildings during the Women’s March in Washington, D.C., by slapping sanitary napkins all over the walls. They donned tampon earrings and uterus costumes. They swooned while Ashley Judd shrieked on stage about being “nasty, like the blood stains on my bed sheets.”

This is not self-empowerment. It’s just gross self-indulgence and exhibitionism.

As the mother of a teenage daughter and teenage son, I don’t want Hillary’s female future for either of my kids. HillaryWorld is a bleak, identity politics cesspool hijacked by nutty man-haters running around with crocheted sexual organs on their heads and babbling about the human rights crime of their “flow.”

Keep up with this bloody mess, Hillary and friends, and you’ll be paving a smooth path to Trump 2020.


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Michelle Malkin is an American conservative blogger, political commentator, and author. Her weekly syndicated column appears in a number of newspapers and websites. She is a Fox News Channel contributor and has been a guest on MSNBC, C-SPAN, and national radio programs. Malkin has written four books published by Regnery Publishing. She founded the conservative websites Twitchy and Hot Air.

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  • All Hillary and Fauxahontas has is extremism. Mainstream Americans have rejected Hillary twice. If the Democrat primary had been fair she might would have lost to a socialist in that race.

    Until the Democrats realize they are pushing an agenda which has few takers they will continue to lose elections. I hope they continue these delusional gatherings. The future bodes well for the Republicans.

    • yes, and the nation needs lots of ‘repairs” after years of this insanity……perversion, twisted ideas. The nuts are still protesting……..basic ideas like borders, national security, more jobs, lower taxes, less people on welfare, ending illegal immigration……..THE MORONS ARE PROTESTING ENDING THESE DEADLY, SUICIDAL PRACTICES of open borders, keeping suicidal muslims from migrating. Watching these “younger” females protest controlling the immigration of muslims is the most insane thing ever seen. I must assume that these high school and college females want to be living under sharia law!!

  • menopause did not leave the shrew Hillary in good mental condition. This creature (thank god she lost) is the greatest collection of sexism, fascism, sociopathic, psychotic behavior to exist in one person. She will take women back decades with this tirade of insanity. First of all here is a “female” whose life is that of an elitist, with more wealth than 99 % of the population………bitching about equality of income, social “injustice” and a bunch of other inane, demented rantings. Hey madam Hillary you will turn the to- date successes of women back if you so decide to continue this Bella Abzug agenda. Women have complete access to any career fields, any sciences, any education…….they can compete, study, pursue ANY DREAM, DESIRE THEY WISH, BUT IF YOU INSIST ON PLAYING THIS B.S. OF SO FAUX INJUSTICES OR BEING HELD BACK, AFTER YEARS OF AFFIRMATIVE ACTION, LAWS, RULE CHANGES (IE WOMEN IN THE INFANTRY) AND DECIDE TO ACT LIKE THE BLACK CAUCUS AND THEIR BOGUS REPARATIONS DEMANDS YOU WILL LOSE. Men will quietly, subtle and gradually wage a war against you rabid bitches like you have never seen. You are not as shrewd as you think…….you are too up front with your insults, unsubstantiated demands (will sitting amongst the rich) and antagonistic threats. Hillary do you actually believe that middle class taxpaying males are going to submit to this garbage? You are equal citizens, not superior citizens. You left wing radical females with all your male hating all your psychopathic ideas will destroy yourselves. We will use your LGBT BATHROOM agenda, you quota agenda, you “social” equality agenda (you have no idea what you are asking for) against you. You will die on front lines…….we men will demand it. You will no longer get preferential treatment in taxes, medical care or your over played “reproductive” rights. We will help abort you into oblivion. You will spend your energies to obtain as much free abortions, birth control etc…….and you will get it, thinking you had a victory, but in fact will cause your extinction. You will be expected to not just be politicians, journalists and talkers…….but you will also be demanded to take on the filthy jobs and dangerous jobs, not just the pants suit jobs in the office. You will really get to appreciate how great it USED TO BE FOR WOMEN IN THE US…….BEFORE YOU INSISTED ON BEING MEN. We men no longer wish to support you, you dead beat children or you mindless sympathies with all the degenerates. We will now welcome the muslims into your communities……..they will teach you how good it used to be……once you are required to comply with sharia law (coming to small towns across the US, because of your beloved Obama). You leftist females are soooo COMPASSIONATE to foreigners, illegals, deviants, criminals while you despise the hard working males that have supported you and suffered under a biased legal system that consistently punished men in favor of women. We are going to let you believe that you fighting Trump is some kind of crusade for justice……will you lose your freedoms and we let your finances dwindle (sucked up by national debt and inflation) We will take your pension money ……one of your forms of independence and shrink it into nothing ……all in the name of economic justice. You wealthy women………we will come after your investiments, income, savings and pensions. All you left wing teachers, professors……your pensions and benefits will shrink and dry up in the name of compassion, diversity, open borders and economic “fairness”. No woman will be exempt from “sharing ” for the greater good of migrants , illegals, open borders . The middle class man with his guns, religion, culture, language will magically survive……..because it’s what we do and with less noise or display, while you melt into desperation.

    • Beautifully said. I would have added that they should keep quiet now and let the realists show them how it should be done.

    • Amen, brother amen for a dose of reality that I know the Leftist stooges with suicidal wishes will disregard, the truth hurts and that is why they refuse to acknowledge it!

  • Do these people think, w/o a man/men there will be no women or men, the population will cease to be. I was stopped by a woman as I entered Publix Market in Jupiter, Fla, (1973) and she tore into me about “following my husband and asking permission “(to do what ever) He had walked ahead but stood close enough to here my answer, and Boy! did I give it to her, told her I lived my life the way I wanted and NEVER asked permission for anything, he was laughing, Later he said they sure picked the wrong woman to champion their cause . I was very content to be a woman, wife, mother and Nurse.

    • Jeanne; good for you. If the evil feminazis are allowed to continue with their man-hating bs, eventually there will be only a few men left and locked up in cages to serve as their sperm donors, because, after all, they will eventually need a few. Twilight Zone, here we come!

    • Jeanne well said.

    • good one………..exactly…..you choose how to be…….you choose your loyalties, passions , associations and how to live……..but with some of these radicals, it’s all about hate and idiotic impressions, not reality.

  • The only way it seems we will ever be rid of the Clintons is if they are put away in a prison somewhere. Both are responsible for the deaths of many people that worked for them or thought they were friends. It seems associating with either one is hazardous to ones health.

    • The Clintons, Obamas, most other whacks are the media’s darlings. I’m not sure were they dead that we would not be visited with them by the media from the grave. I’m only interested that these decimators of America DISAPPEAR to be NEVER heard from again!

    • should have happened long time ago………..they are criminals……..and the entire nation gives them a pass……….bizarre.

  • All these snow flakes that are not happy with the election should be put on a plane and flown to the far east with Hillary and Warren. Maybe then they can see what these wonderful people they want in the USA are really like. They love ISIS Muslims like Obama so much they should live there and take him with them.

    • How about adding peelousy, feensteen, boxer, ginsburg, all the illegals and moslems, et al. THAT should take care of it.

    • it would be a great sight to see, but we know that the pigs like Behar, O’Donnell, Madonna, Ashley Judd, Chelsea Handler along with critter Hillary and the rest of the wackos would never leave…….life is too good for them here, but what a vision it would be to see them board a plane to some rat hole in the mid east, Africa, S. America ………along with the male slugs like Baldwin, Schumer, Sharpton, Jackson, Obama etc.

  • So men have had and still have an anti-female stance since Adam and Eve. Why are they insulted when women dish out what they have been served for millenniums. As the saying goes, “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” Suck it up. There is discrimination against women in the workforce, in the military, in her own home, etc. Women will no longer stand for it. That train has left the station. There is nothing wrong with traditional roles for women if that is her choice, but she get’s to choose it and not have it forced on her. She also get’s to choose if she wants something else. As a Conservative (I am Center Right), I am insulted that Conservatives think you cannot be a feminist and still be Conservative. I believe women should have gender equality. They make up half this world and deserve and have earned an equal seat at the table with men. No man was ever begotten other than by a woman, so why does he think he is better. Men and Women are equal, but different.

    • You are delusional and completely out of touch with reality.

    • Still doing the dopey “social justice dance”? You actually believe men are “free” and have endless choices in life???? There is no discrimination of women in the workforce. They enter any career they wish and follow any path. Women are in every field………and only when they decide to USE THE GENDER CARD does it bite them in the ass. What the f..k is “gender equality”? You are over compensated for your gender…….lots of time off for your reproductive “rights” that men do not get, Lots of alimony, support payments when YOU DECIDE to end a marriage. And while wanting so bad to be men, you arrogantly and randomly decide when you want to be coy, want the door held open, dinner bought or have some male be your toy. Men are constantly harassed on jobs, slighted for promotions, for being too white, or getting old or a few pounds too much or not showing up at the right parties or “hanging” with the “group”………so stop the “equality” crying……….NOTHING IS EQUAL……that’s why it’s called a “rat race”……….there are NO EQUAL SEATS……….what is it that women don’t get? It’s all about power, who strokes who and who plays the game best……….nothing about male and female………..it’s purely about power, money ………..and some people need it more than others. We don’t care what women “stand for”. In the military………it’s not about equality……..yet that is what women think it’s about…….another social experiment to get women to be like men. LOTS OF MEN DONT MEASURE UP TO DO SOME OF THE EXTREME TASKS, so stop twisting, revamping, downgrading the skills to accommodate women. AND THEY DO THAT……….I’VE SEEN IT. Just to accommodate the handful of women into military career fields that “traditionally” were held by men is a load of crap. The Marines and special forces have already shown females fail in large proportion in completing the course. The military in particular was never meant to be “democratic” or a place to exercise quotas, social engineering to accommodate anybody. Women just based on their biological differences alone present issues that males do not…..when in the field environment. At this time there is not a long history of successful women in the infantry, combat arms or special forces, even though they have been “included” for years already. Their is no inequality in loads of jobs. Women working in any government job from the post office…….through the military……..are paid the same for the same experience, education or back ground as males. The postal clerk male or female is paid the same. The sergeant in the army……….paid the same, the police captain, male or female….paid the same……..a math teacher in HS with the same education or years………PAID THE SAME. The burger flipper at Burger KIng…………paid the same. So for the few that make it to being CEO OF Chase, or GM or Exxon………those multi millions are not really an issue for the masses, who gets $100 million or $150 million………..not a real hot issue for the general public. Since it is rarely presented as a fact………inequality on jobs based on gender……..mostly conjecture and “feelings”, it is hard to believe that large corporations would practice a gender discrimination……..just bad business, not worth the bad press……….so this income and social equality nonsense is mostly a phantom.

  • The Radical Feminists want to deny biological reality for personal political gain. Why are sports segregated into male and female? Even target shooting, and aerobatic competition, where physical strength is not a factor.

  • Hillary isn’t shrewd, she’s a shrew, and a batshit crazy one. Her sistren, the equally insane bitter bitchers of the progressive feminist movement are in reality pretty few. All they really have going for them is volume, and the American people are disgusted by their fixation on the Red Mummy. We might get rid of some femsters by attending their rallies with signs bearing the old smarmy joke “Never trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn’t die.” Their heads would explode, like in the Cronenberg film Scanners.

    • yes, Hillary ran out of political credibility, so all she has left is the feminist card…….since she isn’t black. She is a sociopath and along with other failed radicals like Abzug, Steinem and a load of the Hollywood pukes have such serious mental issues while being granted access to media, TV to express their psychotic views on everything.

  • Michelle me dawlin’ – Please, TMI, TMI! “Egad.” Perzactilly….

  • Their utopia seems to be cloning…no men needed and plenty of toys/lesbianism for a love-life. But the nature of whiners is that even in utopia there will be those who will find themselves as victims for some reason.

  • No one has done more harm to women and children than liberals like Hillary and their endless welfare programs which have encouraged and enabled the destruction of traditional families and made husbands and fathers obsolete, leaving millions of women wallowing in perpetual poverty as single mothers and their children to grow up without the financial and emotional support and guidance of a father. Any woman who would vote for a liberal is a fool.

    • for sure, the leftists, men haters are the real dividers in the US…….they hate “norms” and insist on creating a war of the sexes, when in fact we need more harmony, working together to survive life’s hardships and challenges. It’s amazing how the sexists, leftists, Marxists who have more money than most tell everybody else how to live………BUT DON’T WANT TO PAY FOR IT. Clinton, her family, her ideas and VALUES are complete garbage and useless to the rest of us.

  • I agree wholeheartedly, Michelle. I do not identify with this immoral, classless, shameless, self-loathing group of feminist man-haters headed by a failure of a wife, woman and presidential candidate, hrc. I also do not wish my children to grow up (yes, they were allowed to come into the world safely) with this brash cr*p falling on their ears. They wouldn’t listen, anyway, since they see garbage for what it is.

  • Michelle, you are my heroine! God bless you and your brilliant work.

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