Not All Refugees Are Welcome

For years, left-wingers would contest my use of the term “open borders lobby” because, they sternly rebuked me, nooooobody in America seriously believes in open borders.


This weekend, thousands of anti-Trump liberals took to the streets, airports and college campuses chanting “all are welcome” and shrieking “let them in” to protest White House executive orders enforcing our borders. In case their position wasn’t clear enough, the mobs bellowed:

“No borders, no nations, f—- deportations!”

“No walls, no borders, f—- executive orders!”

Militant mayors in Seattle, Denver and New York City re-declared themselves open-borders sanctuaries — or as I call them, outlaw cities. All of California will now consider declaring itself a “sanctuary state.” Radical progressive companies vowed to hire 10,000 refugees (Starbucks), provide free housing to refugees (Airbnb) and subsidize left-wing legal efforts to fight President Trump’s refugee moratorium and enhanced visa-holder vetting (Lyft).

Reasonable people can argue about the details and implementation of Trump’s policies. But the John Lennon-addled “Imagine there’s no country” crowd is post-reason. Their treacle is treacherous.

No, nitwits, not all refugees are welcome here.

Muslim extremist refugees seeking to wage jihad on our soil and kill all infidels are not welcome here.

Anti-American refugees seeking to transform our society and culture into a Balkanized hell are not welcome here.

Misogynist refugees who treat their (multiple) wives as second-class citizens and subjugate their daughters (who are vulnerable to “honor killings” for the slightest transgressions) are not welcome here.

Jobless refugees seeking to soak up our tax dollars while griping about our lack of generosity are not welcome here.

In 2014, New England mayors from both parties pleaded with the Obama administration to enact a refugee resettlement freeze as the flood of unassimilated newcomers strained their schools and municipal resources. “I have enough urban issues to deal with. Enough is enough,” Springfield, Massachusetts mayor Domenic Sarno, a Democrat, declared at the time. “You can’t keep concentrating poverty on top of poverty.”

President Trump understands what the Pollyanna protesters of his immigration enforcement reforms simply cannot or will not comprehend: America needs a break.

We cannot be responsible hosts when our immigration and entrance system is in shambles. Homeland security officials and inspectors general have warned for decades that our consular offices are filled with corrupt and incompetent clerks; our computer systems are outdated; criminal background checks have been abandoned wholesale; the deportation and removal apparatus has been sabotaged by pro-illegal immigration ideologues; and our southern border is overrun by drug cartel violence, human trafficking and misery.

We already grant 1 million legal permanent residencies to people from around the world every year. That’s expected to increase to 10.5 million green cards by 2025. Add in between 11 million and 30 million aliens here illegally, along with an estimated annual influx of 70,000 asylees; 500,000 foreign students; nearly 700,000 total foreign guest workers (skilled and unskilled, plus their spouses, many of whom are allowed to work here as well); plus more than 350,000 foreign high school and university students, researchers, physicians, and summer work travelers on J-1 exchange visitor visas; 66,000 visas for nonagricultural temporary foreign workers; and 117,000 slots for seasonal agricultural workers.

Section 7 of President Trump’s executive order calls for full construction of the long-delayed biometric entry-exit tracking system — which Congress and both parties have promised to do since the 1990s, but have failed to complete since the 9/11 National Commission on Terrorist Attacks on the United States recommended it 13 years ago. The tourism industry, foreign governments, the ACLU, universities and the immigration lawyers’ lobby have all conspired to prevent this meaningful tracking system from coming online. An estimated 40 percent of all aliens here illegally are visa overstayers.

It is not “fascist,” “racist” or “xenophobic” to close our front door to tens of thousands more while we get our own house in order. It is self-preservationist.


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Michelle Malkin is an American conservative blogger, political commentator, and author. Her weekly syndicated column appears in a number of newspapers and websites. She is a Fox News Channel contributor and has been a guest on MSNBC, C-SPAN, and national radio programs. Malkin has written four books published by Regnery Publishing. She founded the conservative websites Twitchy and Hot Air.

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  • That old statement that best describes is, we are in the pot of hot water and the are turning up the FIRE.

  • What I can’t understand is just how ignorant the majority of liberal progressives are about our debt. We owe over 120 trillion to baby boomers for the next 25 years! That is an impossible debt and when something is impossible it won’t happen. Either we default on our payments to them, print money to pay them, or grow our way out of this debt. All three seem to be impossible but the first two are definitely a recipe for the greatest depression the world has ever seen, (the third, Trump is trying to implement!) Yet, we continue to add to our debt burden by bringing in millions from outside the US and adding them to the list of recipients of monthly checks from our bankrupt government!

    Young progressives better wake up as they will be the one faced with this impossible burden. The old rich fogies like Pelosi, Reid and Hillary will all be dead and gone after having stolen your future!

    • Debt to the liberal elite is the 21st century version of 18th century iron shackles on black slaves…they love it

  • Michelle Malkin, you forgot to mention that “we do not want rapists- who shockingly gleefully believe it’s their right to have their way with any and all white females of any age.” I was just reading some scary statistics of that epidemic (including “gang-banging”) in Sweden and Germany and France etc., and that it’s creeping into USA more than they publicize…for fear of “islamophobia”! I’m sure you could write a whole article about that particular problem. The ‘Progressive’ women holding up signs and screaming “Let Them In!” could easily be their next attack, as could our own wives and daughters. That is NOT okay.

    • The raping of white females by black males is already at epidemic levels in the USA, approximately 35,000 a year. By contrast, white men rape about 100 black women a year.

      • That’s why all women that are not a convicted felon should carry guns. The world would be a much safer place

    • Is there any way we can ask these refuges to focus their sexual assaults only on the “progressive” women who are protesting Trump’s moratorium? I mean after all, aren’t these women essentially asking for it?

      • That sounds like a good idea. Perhaps cruel of us, but THEY are being cruel TO us.

        • These bleeding heart libs deserve whatever comes their way. Just because they are freaking butt ugly doesn’t mean some muslim bastard won’t rape them.

      • Yes they are. They will be the ones that get raped for not dressing properly. Conservative women will be armed and are “SO” much better looking than the liberal women!!!

  • Since you mentioned it, Ms. Malkin, let’s talk about “sanctuary cities” and why I think they’re a great idea.
    Imagine a sanctuary city where no one paid federal taxes. No income tax, no gas tax, no inheritance tax, no excise tax, no tariffs: the explosion of personal wealth! Utopia!
    Rather than ban sanctuary cities, let’s expand their numbers, but in areas where they would do everyone some good? The logic and precedents work, either way.

    • That could be a good idea Tim. Pull all federal money from the state and let the local taxpayers support them.

      • You do realize that all federal money comes from taxpayers in the states?

        • But that money doesn’t need to go back to a State that aids illegals.

          • I agree. The Democrats have been using federal money to black mail red states into doing what they want for years. I relish the thought of pay back time!

          • I am salivating over Democrats having to take it in the backside like we have for the last eight years. I cannot wait.

        • Yes I do. If more local people understood with her text hours we’re going to stuff would stop. Deportations would definitely be on the rise

      • The local taxpayers would never support these law breakers out of their own pocket. They expect us to do it. Deport all illegal’s. Every last 1 of them. Then let them get in line like the rest of the world and wait their turn.

    • Someone mentioned a “sanctuary city” from EPA requirements in another article.

  • If our founders could comeback today and see what has become of their dream, they would be shocked and disappointed. The United States has turned into one big insane asylum and an immoral cesspool, and WE ARE ALL TO BLAME. The leftists, progressives, socialists, communists and whatever other “ists” out there are to blame for eradicating all moral and ethical values, and for and demanding all sorts of ‘TREASONOUS’ anti-American programs and legislation that have weakened the United States in every way possible; morally, spiritually and physically.

    Those on the right are to blame because they have shown cowardice in standing up to the left. Instead of opposing the left and proving themselves to be men and women of God, they spent their efforts, time and our taxpayer money compromising with the left, even though each compromise made by the right led to the left gaining more and more ground.

    When those on the left couldn’t get their way, they resorted to out-and-out criminal behavior such as; rioting, destruction of property and even assault and battery. Instead of we on the right stopping them, even with force if necessary, we meekly waved the white flag going out of our way to prove we were loving, gentle and accepting. In other words, we bowed at the altar of political correctness and inclusiveness. Well, as my late father used to say; “You all pooped in your beds, now lay in it.”

  • Are you following what’s happening in Europe with the HIJRA (emigration in the way of Allah, to Islamize non-Muslim nations and impose Sharia on everyone)? Gov’t and media are TRYING to censor the bad news, but the people of Europe are living with the nightmare.

    • EVERYONE should attempt to be informed and educated about the HIJRA, one can go to Refugee Resettlement Watcher, find out how many surround you, if not presently then perhaps in future if this is not stopped. The American woman who began collecting data on this RRW several years ago should be given a Patriots Award, she does it out of her own pocket. Story is that the U.N. intends to change the U.S.A., and big money is involved for the ‘contractors’ on a per-person payment…then the “refugees” are on entitlements with multiple wives and many children. They do not want to become Americans under our Constitution, but intend to bring their sharia law here, and most are not getting jobs. The 2 factions being settled here together are at war in their own countries, thus violent happenings like yesterday’s shootings in Canada. Trudeau is as ignorant of the dangers as Obama was, but if he says “if USA doesn’t want them they can come here”, we should take him up on it.

      • Don’t kid yourself! obama knew EXACTLY what he was doing by bringing the “refugees” in!! FUNDAMENTALLY changing America!! Remember????

        • Well yes, no doubt about it, he HOPED to CHANGE the USA into a socialistic islam caliphate (probably still has that goal); Dinesh’s great movie about him speculated the main reason is his hatred for our “colonialism” and “capitalism” (he prefers Socialism, as do most of the usurious rich) – But I see their house in DC looks like he’s taking full advantage of our systems though…AND they’re building a big wall around it –A WALL!?!?– yes, to keep the marauding refugees out. He certainly became mysteriously rich, just like that lady who just lost. (Thank God she did, maybe now we can stop America’s slide off the cliff, if we can overcome the Dem Obstructionists)…(There are some of those with ‘R’ after their name as well, don’t you agree?)

          • I read where his wall will have a catwalk, Some prisons have catwalks with armed guards.

          • i hope the wall does as well. We need armed guards to keep us safe.

    • And, if isn’t STOPPED, we will be too!! Unlike most Americans, I believe Trump is well aware of what islam’s goal is, and he’ll do his very best to STOP it!!

  • The ignorance of the Left is without limit.

    • You almost got that right. The spectrum on the progressive left is without limit. But as most Americans, you are not being exposed to the real left as you suffer from full spectrum ignorance disorder which is a common disease brought about by massive relentless propaganda from the right. But there’s hope, I recommend starting with the film “The Brainwashing of My Dad” as a first step to rehabilitation and detox.

      • You are an idiot.

        • Ignorance and arrogance, it’s a lovely combination.

          • And you are blessed with both.

      • I do believe you are the brainwashed individual you describe. Don’t like it in America now??? Please leave and take Obama with you. “PLEASE”!!

        • Oh my god!, Are we bringing back the 60’s America Love it or Leave it. That worked so well didn’t it. It was so intelligent. If you are not willing to look at all sides, how would you know if you are right. Are you saying, you are too afraid to watch a documentary from a woman who wondered what had happened to her father who believed things one way then changed and then changed back eventually. She did the research to show us how it happened. But hey don’t look you might actually learn something. I am sure that your views are helping you best.

  • We seriously need to think of creating a vast reservation for all liberals. I think Australia would work fine. Once they were relocated, we would destroy all airplanes and large sailing vessels so they could not ever leave.

    • They would truly die of starvation waiting for us to rescue them.

      • So? What’s your point?

  • Out there in the cosmos probably far far away is a Rhode Island – Nay – Georgia, yes Georgia, sized meteor hurtling thru space destination ‘THAT’S RIGHT’. It is time to sanitize this planet. We are 8B on the way to 12B. Enough already. There is no politic that can fix this. Kiss your Donkey good by – Female Dog.

  • The leftists, dwindling to perhaps a third of the population, are now in their final descent into evil and madness. They no longer have any connection to reality or to the majority of sane human beings (we patriots now comprise just over half the population). They and their Islamic and Black racist comrades are becoming increasingly violent…as long as no one fights back. The country is increasingly polarized and the middle is fast disappearing. There is no longer any hope for compromise or reconciliation; the gulf between them and us is far too wide.

  • Americans have succumbed to one book’s title: The Death of Common Sense. To listen to the bleeping masses, you have to conclude that these people have no understanding of the term. Americans have been digging their own graves through a quiet acquiescing, bit by bit, to the dismantling of their country! From individual responsibility and liberty, to government dependency and subservience. We are fast approaching, if not already there, fifty percent of working capable people receiving a government check. Bak-in-tha-day, most folk viewed receiving government assistance as an embarrassment, and to be avoided at all costs! Today?, too many think it “smart” to be eating off of another’s dime, I mean how “dumb” is it to work for $25-$30K per when you can collect $40K from our beneficent government, a.k.a. people actually working to pay the bills!

    • We are the moron’s. We get out of bed and work to feed the lazy. The Pilgrim’s had it right. Work or starve. The Lord helps those that help themselves. The lazy help themselves to what we have earned and this must stop.

      • Rgr that! The Pilgrims started out with that “socialist dream,” everybody puts in what they can and all share in the common good. After near starvation, the communal organization was abandoned, and each reaped what they sowed! Little by little, that government “safety net” has become the laggards personal bank….requiring not even modest work to eat.

  • The RIGHT should start acting like the LEFT………………No compromise, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, WHATSOEVER… DON’T EVER GIVE IN…ACT IN UNISON…. What a world huh? What is happening is a disgraceful and embarrassing .. I didn’t know there was so much foul language to be heard out side teenage rants. This is what happens when people feel they are loosing……, loosing something “special”… they are almost becoming like ‘caged animals’…without rationality.. I mean, who could EVER take Madonna seriously again.???. I realized that they sounded like MEN..(sorry men), but, then again, isn’t that the to calm them down? Assure them that their ABORTION RIGHTS will be intact. They are scared skinny that a Constitutionalist Supreme Court Justice will be instrumental in obliterating Roe v. Wade…and THAT would be enathama!!! ….If only they could have assurance that their sacrament of abortion remain untouched…all these other sideline pronouncement will take a back seat.

    • These people will never be happy. Soros will fund them no matter what. They will never go away until they have to get a job and support themselves.

      • Somebody needs to take ole Georgie’s ‘play money’ away and donate it to something “constructive!” Better, perhaps, now that we have a true DOJ, arrest and put this whack on trial for “inciting to riot!”

        • The most constructive place I could think of right now. Is my retirement account.

  • As usual, Malkin nails it. This lady is great.

  • Thank you, Michelle Malkin, for shedding some true light on this ridiculous self-inflicted problem. I support fully the temporary ban.

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